Tour through the Canal

We will take you to see the one of the biggest work of engineering of the 20th century, considered the 8th Wonder of the modern world. You will be able to see the different operations necessary for the ships to transit the canal.

The tour includes a panoramic drive through the areas formerly controlled by the USA and given back to Panama. We will visit the Administration Building of the Panama Canal, the Amador causeway and the Bridge of the Americas.

Tickets for the visitors center in the Miraflores Locks are included. This tour takes approximately 3 hours.

City Tour and the Canal

The tour begins with a panoramic drive through Panama City reaching the Miraflores Locks. From here, we wil go through the oldest part of the modern city to visit the colonial neighborhood of San Felipe. We will ride through the Balboa Avenue to the Old Panama ruins (Panama La Vieja). The tour ends at the hotel where you are staying.

This tour takes about 3-1/2 to 4 hours and includes tickets to the Old Panama Ruins Museum and lunch at the Costa Inn Hotel restaurant. Tickets to the Visitor Center in the Miraflores Locks is not included. Departure is at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Tour of the three cities

We will visit the three cities found within Panama City: the ruins of Panama La Vieja or Old Panama, the Colonial Panama of the Casco Antiguo, and the modern Panama with its banking center and shopping malls.

This tour takes about 3 hours and includes tickets for the Old Panama museum.

Colon Free Zone

We invite you to know the largest tax free shopping center in Latin America with over 2,000 companies inside the streets of the Free Zone, with over 980 acres of fenced secure area. It is the ideal place to shop tax free. Transportation is included but no lunch. Whole day tour.


Valle de Antón Outing

Come and know this small village in a valley formed inside the crater of a volcano. In fact, this crater is one of the biggest in the hemisfere with 5 kilometers in diameter, resulting from the eruption of three volcanos a million years ago.

El Valle offers several tourist attractions such as the Arts and Crafts Market, Precolombian petroglyphs, thermal water bath, El Valle museum, El Nispero Zoo and Botanic Gardens where you will be able to see many species, including the golden frogs, only found in this area. El Valle also has water falls, square trees and interesting traditional stories about a mountain that resembles a person. Transportation, lunch and tickets to all places are included. This outing takes the whole day.

Portobelo Excursion

Visit the ruins of the city of Portobelo. Get to know its fortress, defenses, and cannon batteries beween the Antillean sea and the virginal and beautiful mountains. Portobelo was, together with the Old Panama City (Panama La Vieja), one of the most important colonial settlements of this region. We will visit the Castle of Santiago de la Gloria, the Customs House, the Castle of San Jeronimo, the Church of San Felipe and other historical points of interest. Transportation and lunch are included. One day tour.

Folkloric Dinner

We suggest you dine at Las Tinajas Restaurant so you can taste our national plates made of yucca, chicken, corn, shrimps and our national liquors. This restaurant is well known for its folkloric dances and music which start at 9:00 p.m.

You can dine and see the show on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. We will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the restaurant where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, listening and watching our best folk dances and music, a typical Panamanian dinner, and drinks, with all taxes included. Allow for this activity about three hours, enough time for a nice and calm evening or the beginning of a long night in Panama.

Partial Transit through the Canal

We will start by picking you up and taking you to the Amador Causeway where you will transfer to a bus by the staff of the yacht where you will be transiting. The bus will take you to lake Gamboa. You will board the ship that will navigate the Panama Canal through two locks systems: Pedro Miguel and Miraflores, passing under the Centennial Bridge and the historic Bridge of the Americas.

The trip will end at the same place where it started, the Amador Causeway, a wonderful path between the exit of the Canal and the Panama Bay, simply evocative. Appetizers, lunch and drinks are included. Transit starts at 10:00 am. and ends at 4:00 pm. You should be at the exit with enough time in advance, information that should be consulted with your Viajes Florencia sales agent at the moment this tour is being contracted.

Complete Canal Transit

One Saturday a month a complete transit is available for tourists. This enables you to navigate the Canal through the whole isthmus, from Panama to Colon, Going through the three lock systems: Miraflores, Pedro Miguel and Gatun. This transit takes all day, from 7:00am to 5:30pm. Imagine that in this lapse of time you will have traveled from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast. In the end, you will be back to the city in a bus. Breakfast, lunch, appetizers and drinks are included. Remember you should be at the exit with enough time in advance, contact any Viajes Florencia sales agent for any information regarding schedules and confirmation details when contracting this tour.

City shopping tour

Panama City is well known as a city for excellent shopping for many years and it is considered the largest shopping center in Latin America. We will take you to Los Pueblos Mall where you can find a large diversity of stores, from the lowest prices to designer stores well known around the world.

We can pick you up at your hotel and return when you desire, you only need to call us . Other options are Multicentro Mall, Albrook Mall and Multiplaza Mall, which are all big, modern and elegant commercial centers.

Dinner at the Canal

Imagine the possibility of dining at a mere 20 meters from the Miraflores Locks in the Visitor Center of the Panama Canal. This attraction was recenty inaugurated and it is located at a historical landmark. We can summarize this tour as dinner by the Eighth Wonder of the World.

On an elegant atmosphere, you are offered the option of eating outside or in. This trip includes transportion from the hotel to the locks, a complete dinner, with a glass of wine, taxes and transportation back to the hotel. This tour takes about 3 hours.


Excursión by train to Colon, Portobelo and the Free Zone

We invite you to cross the isthums of Panama on our renovated Panama Railroad. Once in the Atlantic side you will be picked up by our minibus to visit the historical ruins of Portobelo and a visit to the Colon Free Zone. You will have the opportunity to see a new perspective of the canal, its history, the history of the railroad and the colonial times.

Also, this will be the most pleasant journey to one of the biggest free zones in Latin America. This tour begins at 6:30 a.m. Transportation and lunch is included. This activity takes all day.

Transportation the the Beaches

Another option during your stay in our country is to visit the best beaches in Panama, which are about one travel distance from the city. Depature time is 9:00 a.m. and back at 5:00 p.m. Lunch is not included.
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